Laurent Laval

"The man who makes the machines dance"

Born on a farm in the southwest of France, Laurent was impressed early on by machine drivers who can "feel the machine". Following that emotional observation, he managed to cut development times by 50% in the Fiat group with a new way of developing products bringing together machine operators and engineers.

In 2007, Laurent founded the Bobcat Institute to train employees from 250 dealers across the world, a place of exchange between customers, technicians, product designers and sales people. Then, in the middle of the economic crisis, Laurent told his team: "Guys, we are going to dance with the machines!". More than 2,000 customers attend the show every year since its inception and sales have doubled.


Laurent has a unique ability to uncover new talents inside people and bring the best out of them and out of a team. In 2016, he established his company in Prague to help managers lead with passion and creativity. At the beginning of 2018, together with other leaders, he started "Potential", the International Association for Managers.


One of Laurent's leitmotivs: "a course is 50% exchange of knowledge and 50% passion"

Miroslava Casarová

"The voice of Emotion"


After 5 years of studies in pedagogy at the Charles University of Prague and at the Prague Conservatory, Miroslava started an international career as an opera singer. Conveying emotions is an art, it's her passion. When she sings Aida, she touches the hearts of 1,000 people during 3 hours: everyone stands up at the end and applauds.


Miroslava has discovered a new talent in transferring her knowledge and experience as an artist and singer into the business world.


As an artist, she had to conquer her fears and manage stress to be a success on stage, and make the audience happy. She shares with company leaders her secret on how to overcome stress and make it your ally.

In an orchestra as in a company, people have to communicate and trust each other to create (musical) harmony and connect with their audience/customers.

Together with Laurent, Miroslava helps company leaders become with their team like conductors of an orchestra.


Michal Hummel

Coach, Psychologist & Trainer

Bohuslav Jager

Coach, Psychologist & Trainer

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